Beyonće 💽

So I’m sitting at the bar with 2 of my friends last week, and there is a picture of Beyonće on the wall. Being the fan I am, I spark up a convo about all the exposure she’s had this year and how ready I am for the new album. I wake up the next day and BOOM there’s an album. My lucky day. So I got the physical CD yesterday and I love it. Not just because I’m a fan, but because I genuinely like it. Although its definitely sexier than any other album she has released, the subject matter is so raw and uninhibited, it feels passionate and true. Her candor and brashness is surprising, and you can tell she is definitely a “Grown Woman” now. I love how she speaks on her relationship. Sex in the car, feeling jealous, picking your battles. I also like how she lets her cocky side show. I think this is the closest we have come to seeing a full spectrum of her as a person. On her past albums she has been more reserved about her relationship, coy in her references to sex, and humble when speaking about her self. We all know Beyonće is beautiful, talented, humble, creative and hardworking. Now we know that she is closer to us real women than we may think. She gets jealous, she’s in love, she feels extra fly sometimes, she loves being a mom, and she sexes her man often and in unorthodox places. In addition to the subject matter, the producing on this album is superb, the features are fitting and the visual album is a great bonus. The visuals add a layer of depth to the music. To sum it up, this album exceeded my expectations and I recommend it to anyone likes R&B/Hip Hop music. What did you think?