New Year, New Perspective 🎉🎊

Every year I get so hyped up about New Years. I think that a new year is a great example of a clean slate. Sure December 31st to January 1st is just another night to day, but seeing that new blank calendar just gets me excited. I always make all these resolutions, and get geared up to make big changes. But this year I have a new perspective. My co worker asked me on NYE if I’d had a good year, and when I thought about it I had to say yes. Thinking more about it I realized that I’d had my head down working so hard that I didn’t realize just how good of a year I had. I got a new job, a new car, a promotion, moved to a new city. I realized that throughout the year I had been so wrapped up on the people I had lost, the money I wasn’t making, and the goals I hadn’t accomplished that I wasn’t appreciating all that I had accomplished. In the moments marking my accomplishments I didn’t even stop to enjoy them. I haven’t been enjoying my life. I haven’t been relishing the small moments that made such a difference. The craziest thing about it though is that I didn’t plan for anything to work out the way it did. Sure I knew I needed a new car, and I wanted a new job. I made an action plan and those things happened, I worked very hard a work and earned my promotion. I moved to be closer to work. But on December 31st 2012 I didn’t make these things my resolutions. They happened slowly, over time, and brought me to where I am today. So for this New Year my resolution is to take every opportunity that is offered to me. To enjoy life and to do things at a pace that is comfortable. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Life can’t be lived in a year. A new year is a chance for a new beginning but life will always play out the way it should. Just a nudge in the right direction is all we need to make our next year our best year.



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