Social Media: Judge and Jury?

Over the past few days I have been reading my usual blogs and there is a story that’s coming across all of them. It’s about a PR exec who tweeted a very insensitive tweet referencing her trip to South Africa. Apparently millions of Twitter users totally blanked on her and she has lost her job. Sad story. I don’t know what she was thinking. Being a public relations professional you would think that she would know better than to say something so offensive on the WORLD WIDE WEB, but I digress. Over the past year or so there have been other incidents like this one. Incidents where people have done or said something that led to job loss and/or public outrage. Paula Deen was caught using racial slurs, Rick Ross (Ricky Rozay??) was slammed for lyrics, Lil Wayne was also called out for offensive lyrics. Now I remember back in the day, people were mad at Slim Shady for offensive lyrics. People were in the streets protesting, at concerts protesting, the whole shebang. But I don’t remember the situation being as serious as the ones I mentioned earlier. Sure there was some news coverage. Web stories. But he went on to sell millions of records, he continued making offensive records, sold out shows performing them, and I’m sure his bank account never felt the impact of his haters feelings. These days though, if people say anything off the wall, they are going DOWN. That being said, I have to wonder if the internet is to blame. It has unquestionably enhanced our lives in more ways than I can name. I personally use Google often and I am proud to say that I have acquired a ridiculous amount of useless information from Wikipedia. But the best thing about the internet is that it gives us little people a voice. The internet provides us platform to get our message out, to share our opinion with people we otherwise wouldn’t be able to reach. Especially on social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram–everyone is on at least one of them. Companies use these sites to reach us, and conversely, we use it to reach them. Such as the case with Rick Ross, people hit the keyboard so hard that he lost his contract with Reebok. I ask, if this was 10 years ago would that have even happened? In the song he spoke on something that happens all the time. I personally didn’t think anything of it. Just another rap lyric in another rap song. I’m sure a lot of people feel the same way I do. A lot of people don’t, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But In a country where free speech is a law, should people be penalized because of what they say? Is social media the new morality police? Of course there are some things that should not be said in general, but have we reached a point where we must consider the feelings of every single person IN THE WORLD before we say anything? Are vegans going to start a petition against ‘why the chicken crossed the road’ jokes? Are we not entitled to an opinion because it may offend someone else? Now that we all have the ability to share our thoughts with the world, are we held to a higher standard in what we say? Or are people just a little too sensitive to the opinions and thoughts of others??

Beyonće 💽

So I’m sitting at the bar with 2 of my friends last week, and there is a picture of Beyonće on the wall. Being the fan I am, I spark up a convo about all the exposure she’s had this year and how ready I am for the new album. I wake up the next day and BOOM there’s an album. My lucky day. So I got the physical CD yesterday and I love it. Not just because I’m a fan, but because I genuinely like it. Although its definitely sexier than any other album she has released, the subject matter is so raw and uninhibited, it feels passionate and true. Her candor and brashness is surprising, and you can tell she is definitely a “Grown Woman” now. I love how she speaks on her relationship. Sex in the car, feeling jealous, picking your battles. I also like how she lets her cocky side show. I think this is the closest we have come to seeing a full spectrum of her as a person. On her past albums she has been more reserved about her relationship, coy in her references to sex, and humble when speaking about her self. We all know Beyonće is beautiful, talented, humble, creative and hardworking. Now we know that she is closer to us real women than we may think. She gets jealous, she’s in love, she feels extra fly sometimes, she loves being a mom, and she sexes her man often and in unorthodox places. In addition to the subject matter, the producing on this album is superb, the features are fitting and the visual album is a great bonus. The visuals add a layer of depth to the music. To sum it up, this album exceeded my expectations and I recommend it to anyone likes R&B/Hip Hop music. What did you think?

Bucket List

I watched the movie 50/50 the other night starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The movie is a true story written by a man who had a rare form of spinal cancer. I didn’t see it from the beginning (I don’t have start over 😔) but I came in around the middle, so I saw enough to make me cry. I cried because the movie was sad, but I was also crying because cancer is so unpredictable. It can happen to any one at anytime. The guy in the movie was only 27!! 2 years older than me! I won’t say how the movie ended so that I don’t spoil it for those who haven’t seen it but I will say that I cried so hard that my eyes were swollen. I was devastated because I realized that I haven’t done ANY of the things that I wanted to do. Sure I’ve been to Vegas and completed my undergraduate degree. But I haven’t even been to New York. I haven’t been out of the country, I never performed spoken word and had people snap their approval. I’ve always wanted to start a blog, own my own business. I want to record a mixtape about my failed relationships rapping/singing Kanye style. I want to audition for a TV show. Just to do it. The list is too long to even list here. If I found out I had 24 hours to live I would be devastated. Not because of the things that I have done, but because of the things I haven’t done. According to my Dr. I’m healthy for now, but I figure I better get started on this laundry list of things I want to do while I have the chance. Starting this blog is definitely a step in the right direction.